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Notes from the Road: VPN in action (day 3)

Today, René and Jens were in CA to bring a VAR partner up to speed with NCP’s full suite of VPN solutions. The focus of today was on training and demo installations. Not as action-packed as NY and OH,...

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Notes from the Road: VPN in action (day 2)

Today, Jens and René stopped in Ohio on his cross country trek spreading secure VPN wherever he stops. Friday’s proof of concept (POC) was for a national architectural and civil engineering firm.

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Notes from the Road: VPN in action

Over the next week and a half, NCP’s own René Poot will travel cross country spreading secure VPN wherever he stops. New York City is his first stop, working on a proof of concept (POC) for a top five...

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Do you have a King Kong VPN client?

Can your 64-bit VPN client meet the enterprise challenge? Take King Kong – a single person brought him to the base of the Enterprise State Building but it was his inherent strength and stability that...

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Network Security with electronic health records

In last week’s highlights, we included a post from Branden Williams’ Security Convergence Blog on EMRs. We thought this weeks’ post would be a good opportunity to elaborate on Branden’s and our own...

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Where do you keep your VPN Gateway?

We’re following a great discussion on LinkedIn as to where to keep a VPN gateway – in the DMZ or on the LAN directly. Pros and cons are argued for both sides (mostly pro-DMZ) and we’d like to hear...

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more thoughts on forcing IPSec or SSL on a market

NCPs Jochen Gundelfinger extended his thoughts on last week's post, Forcing IPSec or SSL on a Market is Wrong.  Here is what Jochen shared with us:

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Forcing IPSec or SSL on a Market is Wrong

Read an interesting post on Cisco and its lack of support of the 64-bit IPSec VPN client. What was more interesting to us though, was a reader’s comment listed below the post—Robert, comment no. 7.

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VPN Horror Stories

We asked network admin’s on LinkedIn and Twitter to share their VPN horror stories with us and here are a few we thought you’d enjoy (or cringe at!).

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64-Bit VPN Market Choices

Read an interesting post last week on VPN clients– Brazell, like many other users are frustrated with the little support of 64-bit VPNs. This is a big issue, especially since Intel is pushing its...

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