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Combating Data Breaches with Provisioning

According to a recent Gartner survey, enterprise security end-users stated that remote access and user provisioning are two of the top 10 security technology priorities for 2010.  With 2010 well under...

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Will you be at RSA next week?

Can’t believe the RSA Conference is just a week away!  As you may already know, NCP will be exhibiting at the show again this year, and we’ve been quite busy preparing for it.  This year we are...

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Options for 64-bit Windows 7 VPN

Big news today from Cisco as reported by Network World:

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Remote Access without User Obstacles

There’s a great podcast featuring a friend of NCP engineering, Lisa Phifer, vice president of Core Competence, that outlines a few good steps network administrators can take to help protect the...

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Pat the Device Down

Read an interesting article on InfoWorld earlier this week about the iPhone falsely reporting VPN policies and encryption support.  While the iPhone has been updated and fixed, miscommunication with...

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NCP has recently been selected to provide end-point security solutions for Texas-based YES Prep Public Schools.  The school’s IT manager needed a secure VPN solution that would not only allow staff...

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Lost Connections? Overlapping Subnets may be your culprit

Having trouble connecting to the network when you are on the road?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  When traveling, many users report issues to their network administrators stating they cannot access...

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Safety on the Open Web

We recently highlighted an interesting article, Online Traveler: Safe Surfing While on the Road by Fritz Faerber. He shares some security tips for surfing the Internet while on vacation. I wanted to...

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Two-Factor Authentication

Secure remote access on an enterprise scale often means supporting two-factor authentication (2F), meaning identifying both the device and the person. With NCP engineering’s VPN client, enterprises...

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Notes from the Road: VPN in Action (Day 4)

Greetings from Spokane, WA.  After completing an introductory training session in CA, René and Jens traveled north to WA, to give another VAR partner solution training and a NCP Secure Management...

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