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Some VPNs still face compatibility, connection issues

As more and more companies are enabling remote access for their workforce, stability and compatibility are becoming as crucial as security in ensuring employee productivity. This trend is highlighted…


IPsec's longevity is about more than IPv6

By Nicholas Greene


IPsec's longevity is about more than IPv6

By Nicholas Greene

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Is a 64-bit ipsec client enough?

We’ve been seeing a lot of discussion in the forums about Cisco’s IPsec VPN client (welcome to the party—you’re four years late).  In 2010, a 64-bit client isn’t enough.  Perhaps four years ago this…


Options for 64-bit Windows 7 VPN

Big news today from Cisco as reported by Network World:

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NCP has recently been selected to provide end-point security solutions for Texas-based YES Prep Public Schools.  The school’s IT manager needed a secure VPN solution that would not only allow staff…

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Do you have a King Kong VPN client?

Can your 64-bit VPN client meet the enterprise challenge? Take King Kong – a single person brought him to the base of the Enterprise State Building but it was his inherent strength and stability that…


Forcing IPSec or SSL on a Market is Wrong

Read an interesting post on Cisco and its lack of support of the 64-bit IPSec VPN client. What was more interesting to us though, was a reader’s comment listed below the post—Robert, comment no. 7.


Browser-based Backdoor Attack for SSL?

Read an interesting post last week on ThreatPost, New attack class exploits intranet weaknesses. Dennis Fisher reports on a new class of attacks caused by organizations using non-routable IP space on…


VPN Horror Stories

We asked network admin’s on LinkedIn and Twitter to share their VPN horror stories with us and here are a few we thought you’d enjoy (or cringe at!).