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How One Challenging Gig with My Band Prepared Me for a Career in Cybersecurity

Sometimes, connections between work and play appear when they're least expected. You wouldn't expect, for example, a guitar-shredding metal-head to carry over much from his time on stage to his career…

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Expert Q&A: Establishing a Secure Data Center and Cloud with Remote Access

*Editor’s Note: This is Part One of an article that originally appeared in The Data Center Journal’s  Industry Perspective Column

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Expert Q&A: Preventing Mobile Hacking: Must You Take Precautions?

*Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in TechTarget’s 

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Expert Q&A: How do I deal with personal data on business mobile devices?

*Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in TechTarget’s 

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Q&A: What to consider when choosing an MDM system

*Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in TechTarget’s 

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Executive Q&A On Data Security

Today, Rainer Enders, VPN expert and CTO of Americas at NCP engineering, addresses how IT and data management executives can properly protect their corporate data.

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Q&A On SSL VPNs, Part Two: Joerg Hirschmann

This is part two in our Q&A series on SSL VPNs. Earlier this week, we shared insight from Rainer Enders, CTO, Americas at NCP engineering, on the inception of SSL VPN and its key differentiators.

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Q&A On SSL VPNs, Part One: Rainer Enders

This is part one in our Q&A series on SSL VPNs.

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SearchNetworking: NCP Explains Mobile Device Management v. Enterprise Application Stores

*Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in TechTarget’s 

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Webinar: What CIOs and CTOs Need to Know About Mobile Device Security

Rainer Enders, CTO, Americas at NCP engineering, recently conducted an Execsense webinar around what CIOs and CTOs need to know about mobile device security. Rainer explains how the replacement of…