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Best Practices for Securing Healthcare Data

The escalation of ransomware and trojan malware combined with the lack of endpoint security caused the healthcare sector to suffer from massive data breaches in 2019. As healthcare organizations rely…

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White House Turns Attention to Cybersecurity

Cyberattackers and hackers operate in the shadows, lurking away from where conventional law enforcement can easily identify and investigate them. They prefer secrecy and anonymity.

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The State of Healthcare Security Breaches

By Sylvia Rosen


Making Mobile Health Possible, Part 2

Earlier this week, we explored the innumerable medical breakthroughs that could stem from mobile health innovations. Today, let's consider the security considerations to enable this.


Making Mobile Health Possible, Part 1

It’s no secret that healthcare is going mobile. According to a recent survey of 250 mobile executives from around the world, 78% said they consider the healthcare vertical to have the most to gain…

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New Survey Finds that Healthcare IT Pros Most Concerned About Electronic Data Breach

Healthcare IT News recently asked its readers about the healthcare data breaches that worries them the most. Not surprisingly, the vast majority (80 percent) of respondents said electronic data…

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Part 3, Conversation with Martin Rosner, Continua Health Alliance, on Consent Management

This week, we feature the final part of our conversation with Martin Rosner, director of standardization at Philips – North America. Rosner chairs Continua Health Alliance security and privacy…

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Take Two VPN and Call Me in the Morning: Why Healthcare Solution Providers Rely on VPNs to Avoid IT Headaches

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Conversation with Shahid Shah on mHealth, Part 4

This week, we feature the final post in our series with Shahid Shah, an enterprise software analyst that specializes in healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration, and legacy…

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Conversation with Dr. Ruchi Dass on mHealth, Part 1

As the Mobile Health Expo 2010 gets underway next month, we’ll feature experts on the topic of mobile health. This week, VPN Haus interviews Dr. Ruchi Dass, mHealth champion and council member for the…