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Missing the Forest for the Trees: How Cyberattacks in the News Can Mask the Threat to SMBs [VIDEO]

Cyberattacks and data breaches have been making headlines more and more these last few years. Whether it was the 40 million customer credit and debit cards stolen from Target in 2013, the major email…

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As the Dust Settles: The Value of Secure Remote Access in the Hours After a Cyberattack

The first 24 hours after a cyberattack are chaotic. The investigations and conclusions will come far down the road, but in the immediate aftermath of an attack, the entire organization is in…

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Google’s ‘Android for Work’ BYOD Solution Requires VPN

Although Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not hitting the front page on a weekly basis anymore, it is still relevant. The hype may be over, but enterprises are now working to find practical remote…

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Smaller Scale Is No Defense: Why SMBs Should Assume They’re Already Targets of Cyberattackers

You would be hard pressed to go a month without hearing about a new data breach or major cyberattack in the headlines. These incidents occur with such regularity nowadays that seemingly every industry…

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Seamless Roaming or Always On: The Remote Access VPN Feature Digital Nomads May Be Missing

In remote working environments, the Digital Nomad isn't tied to a desk or cubicle, but he has close relationships with his coworkers. The Digital Nomad works exclusively from mobile devices that…

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NCP engineering Earns 'Champion' Rating in techconsult Report

This year, cyberattacks are expected to rain down at a rate of more than 117,000 per day, adding up to more than 42.8 million total incidents. As these attacks are launched and subsequently…

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How to Manage Secure Communications in M2M Environments

For all the talk of the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications making our lives easier, there always seems to be a cautionary tale involving security of these devices…

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Two-Factor Authentication Transforms Even '123456' Into a Secure Password

Since 2011, the same two passwords have ranked as the most common (and worst) among users. Care to take a guess as to what they are?

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Ex-Employees: All the Best, But Can We Have Our Personal Emails Back, Please?

It doesn’t matter if employees leave a company on unpleasant terms or quite amicably – it is absolutely essential that enterprises have solid, well-defined termination processes in place, and that…

The Three Human Failures Behind Remote Access Shortcomings
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The Three Human Failures Behind Remote Access Shortcomings

Whenever news of a network security breach reaches the public airwaves, observers are quick to assign blame to some combination of technological shortcomings and human error that allowed an attacker…