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Hotel VPNs: When the firewall strikes back, Part Two

In part one of this two-part series, we explored the problem that many IPsec users face when trying to connect to their corporate network from the road, especially hotels. This being, some hotels…

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How can I make sure my VPN is encrypted and working properly?

*Editor’s Note: These columns originally appeared in TechTarget’s

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From the Trenches: Worst IT Mistakes I’ve Seen, Part 1

By Chuck Romano

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Some VPNs still face compatibility, connection issues

As more and more companies are enabling remote access for their workforce, stability and compatibility are becoming as crucial as security in ensuring employee productivity. This trend is highlighted…

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War Stories: The Faux DHCP Server

By Jeff Orloff


Split Tunneling: Part II

Last month, we wrote about Rene Poot's thoughts on split tunneling.  Here is the second installment from that conversation:


Arcane IP Conflict to Watch Out For

Every once in a while, someone flags the NCP Help Desk with an arcane VPN connection question. Earlier this week, we came across a blog post by Merrick Chaffer on EMC Consulting Blogs, offering advice…


Lost Connections? Overlapping Subnets may be your culprit

Having trouble connecting to the network when you are on the road?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  When traveling, many users report issues to their network administrators stating they cannot access…


More on Transparent Proxy Issue

Following up the Beware the Transparent Proxy…Your Faith In VPNs Might Waiver post - the problem seems to be that the VPN client in question allowed split tunneling (rarely a good idea).  If a split…