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New Study Reiterates the Dangers of Advanced Persistent Threats for Network Security

When we last spoke about advanced persistent threats (APTs), the New York Times had just fallen victim to an attack that used malware to create new network patterns that allowed it to remain...

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Network Security: IT Professionals’ Top Priority for 2014

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you understand how vital it is for enterprises today to secure remote access to their corporate networks. It looks like that understanding is becoming more...


Remote Access Technology: Improving Quality of Life at Work and at Home

Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter surrounding an article on the “false dichotomy between work and luxury.” The author’s argument, that deferred living is negatively impacting happiness and...

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Encryption: The Key to Network Security

In the network security industry, we see firsthand how encryption prevents a wide range of security breaches, protects corporate networks and safeguards sensitive, personal information and...

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The Security Risks of Remote Support Tools

A recent study has come to light which shows that although remote support tools are being increasingly implemented within enterprises, IT decision-makers are uncertain about their safety. They should...


Cyber Monday: Why Network Security is the Best Gift of All

Each year, as millions of Americans are busy surfing the web to find the best Cyber Monday deals, hackers are preparing to take advantage of enterprises when their network security is at its weakest...

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Developing a Comprehensive Remote Access Security Framework: Network Health and Trust

The need for a comprehensive remote access security framework cannot be emphasized enough. Those looking for proof of this concept need look no further than the recent Adobe hacking, and the chilling...

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Vehicle VPNs, Part Two: Business World Implications

In recent years, remote access security has become a major focus of IT departments in businesses small and large. The rapid growth in the use of smartphones and tablet computers, the...

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Vehicle VPNs, Part One: The ‘Connected Car’

The “connected car.” Up until this point, such a phrase never really resonated with people the way it does now. Most would think it referred to environmentally-focused electric cars that you recharge...

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Developing a Comprehensive Remote Access Security Framework: Identities and Roles

Every enterprise should consider implementing a comprehensive remote access security framework in light of increased workplace mobility and the BYOD trend. In our last post on the topic, we...

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