• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

    Cybercrime · Data Security · Internet of Things · VPN

    Older ATMs Under Fire as IoT Starts to Bite


    Cloud · VPN · Wi-Fi

    How to Enable a Secure Cloud VPN

    Cloud computing has been around for about a decade – ever since the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, introduced the term to the industry. Today, it can be considered a mature technology....

    globe data lock
    Data Security · VPN

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation

    Data protection is going to get expensive: The EU General Data Protection Regulation is on its way.

    Endpoint Management · Internet of Things · IT policy · VPN

    The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

    According to Ponemon Institute, the growing number of employees using multiple personal and company-owned mobile devices to connect to corporate networks is the biggest endpoint security threat today....


    Progress through partnership

    A VPN needs both a client and remote gateway. While NCP offers a complete solution with Secure Enterprise Client and Secure Enterprise VPN Server, some manufacturers only develop their own gateways....

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    NCP Secure Enterprise iOS Client Wins Government Security Award

    The Government Security Awards (“The Govies”), organized by Security Today magazine, once again bestowed its top Network Security honors upon NCP. The awards were presented at a ceremony during ISC...

    Data protection
    Cybercrime · Data Security · VPN

    The ten most serious cyber crimes and data breaches to date

    People are often quick to adapt – now we don’t seem to blink an eyelid when we read news about another hacked server and the loss of a few million records of personal data. Only the most spectacular...

    Endpoint Management · Internet of Things · IT policy · VPN

    Strategies for Managing Large-Scale VPN Deployments

    Large organizations today are experiencing a rapid evolution in technology that is challenging traditional security systems and infrastructures.

    IT policy · VPN

    When plan B needs a plan C

    Just a few days ago, news began circulating on the internet of a strange problem with Cisco routers which was easy to identify as it caused complete failure. Shortly afterwards, Cisco issued a warning...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Public Hotspot · VPN · Wi-Fi

    Simple steps to a secure public hotspot connection

    In just a short time, our working lives have been transformed. 

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