• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    Encryption is essential

    The fact that information and IT security has attracted a lot of attention in mainstream media in recent years is a positive development. The more often we hear about something, the greater our...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Digital Signage · Endpoint Management · Internet of Things

    Protecting Industrial Intelligence Against Attacks

    In recent years, many of the world’s isolated industrial control systems (ICS) in manufacturing and critical infrastructure have been joined with information technology (IT) networks. There are clear...

    Data Security

    Another day, another GDPR mail

    The world didn’t stop turning on May 25 when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, despite the mass panic among many companies, as if they had just seen an intercity...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management

    Business travelers should fly under the radar

    Thanks to the constant availability of today’s mobile network coverage and public Wi-Fi hotspots, we tend to take connectivity for granted. Our smartphones and mobile devices are with us wherever we...

    Data Security · Encryption

    Can Governments be trusted to keep our data private?

    Governments and state agencies everywhere would like us to believe that our personal data is safe in their hands. They say this information is vital. Without it, they claim, it would be impossible to...

    2 Factor Authentication · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    WebAuthn – The next nail in the coffin for usernames and passwords

    It's a lingering death, but at some point the last username/password combination will be entered. This is a good thing, because one data breach after another shows that neither the private sector nor...

    Connected Cars · Data Security · Digital Signage · Internet of Things

    Smart cities – Big data meets Big Brother

    Smart Cities are evolving at a phenomenal pace. Not so long ago, smart city initiatives were little more than a series of discrete pilot projects. Now, public officials worldwide have latched on to...

    Cybercrime · Public Hotspot · VPN

    Hackers could use World Cup for their own end game

    It’s not long now, in June the FIFA World Cup 2018 is set to kick off in Russia. Football is one of the most common shared interests in the world, fans are emotionally committed and play a big part in...

    Data Security

    Forces push data privacy to the forefront

    Until very recently, data privacy has never ranked very high in the public consciousness. In opinion polls last year, people were nearly split evenly when asked about the need for stricter regulations...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Encryption · Endpoint Management

    Vulnerabilities: a never ending story

    Vulnerabilities in software are one of the most important attack vectors for hackers. Unpatched software has been responsible for dozens of large-scale and unfortunately successful attacks in the...

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