• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

    Connected Cars · Data Security · Digital Signage · Internet of Things

    Smart cities – Big data meets Big Brother

    Smart Cities are evolving at a phenomenal pace. Not so long ago, smart city initiatives were little more than a series of discrete pilot projects. Now, public officials worldwide have latched on to...

    Cybercrime · Public Hotspot · VPN

    Hackers could use World Cup for their own end game

    It’s not long now, in June the FIFA World Cup 2018 is set to kick off in Russia. Football is one of the most common shared interests in the world, fans are emotionally committed and play a big part in...

    Data Security

    Forces push data privacy to the forefront

    Until very recently, data privacy has never ranked very high in the public consciousness. In opinion polls last year, people were nearly split evenly when asked about the need for stricter regulations...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Encryption · Endpoint Management

    Vulnerabilities: a never ending story

    Vulnerabilities in software are one of the most important attack vectors for hackers. Unpatched software has been responsible for dozens of large-scale and unfortunately successful attacks in the...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    Addressing Cryptocurrency Trading Security Issues

    Cryptocurrency trading has been gathering pace over the past few years and has been compared to the American Wild West. Early adventurers have faced tremendous risks in terms of extreme market...

    Cybercrime · Data Security

    Easy money: Cryptocurrency mining trojans are trending

    It’s hard to miss the irony of the British government’s Information Comissioner’s Office (ICO) being targeted by an illegal cryptocurrency mining campaign. After indications that attackers had...

    Blog · Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management · Internet of Things

    What does built-in IIoT security look like?

    What Does Built-in IIoT Security Look Like? Companies are racing to take advantage of new revenue opportunities, operational efficiencies and cost savings offered by the multitude of IP-connected...

    Cloud · Data Security · Endpoint Management

    Using the public cloud securely

    Cloud usage has become a rule rather than an exception in businesses of all sizes. In 2016, cloud usage in all businesses reached 65 percent in Germany. It doesn't matter how large or small a company...

    Blog · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption

    To Succeed, Open Banking Must First Allay Privacy Concerns

    The banking industry in the UK and the rest of Europe is undergoing a quiet revolution. Under new rules, EU banks must share the data of consenting customers with third parties. Designed to increase...

    Data Security · Endpoint Management

    Cover up to avoid unwanted close-ups

    Video surveillance is a sensitive issue, as the discussions about more cameras in public places show. It is no wonder that cameras on devices used in private areas which are capable of taking close-up...

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