• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management


    Petty cash won't cover the cost of a data breach

    Disclosing data unlawfully or becoming embroiled in a security incident has always been inconvenient and generally costly for business. Business critical information might fall into the wrong hands or...

    Blog · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Internet of Things

    Senate Moves to Set a Price on Data Privacy

    A new bill that could fundamentally change the relationship between major tech companies and their customers is being debated in the U.S. Senate. The move is the first attempt to assign a dollar...

    Data Security · Encryption · Internet of Things

    Encryption Holds Clue to Solving AI-driven Police Surveillance Fears

    Police use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for law enforcement is coming under intense scrutiny as fears grow over its potential for misuse. Surveillance technologies with embedded AI like biometrics...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management

    Getting IT security priorities right

    Information security should protect the company's important assets, be transparent, unobtrusive and always up-to-date, and of course cost nothing. There is not a magic formula to achieve all this but...

    Connected Cars · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    Connected Car Data Privacy Goes on Trial

    Modern cars know more about us than we might imagine. From driving habits to information about places we’ve visited and even our music tastes, much of the information our cars gather every day is very...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    No more passwords, please!

    The password is probably the best known concept in computing. Probably you will only find people who don't know the word in the most remote areas around the globe. Even the Romans were known to use...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management · Industry Commentary · Internet of Things

    Customer Survey Highlights Secure IoT Communications and Reliable Technical Support from NCP engineering

    With the rise of IoT devices in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to build secure IoT structures. Secure networking is business-critical for enterprises, service...

    Cloud · Data Security · Endpoint Management

    More trouble in the cloud

    If you leave out Germany – which is well-known for taking a strict approach to privacy concerns, cloud growth figures are impressive. This year, cloud service revenue is expected to reach USD 212...

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Internet of Things

    Risk to Business Travelers’ Data Grows

    Business travel is a fertile hunting ground for hackers. Sensitive company data is seldom more at risk than when employees are on the road. The travel sector is notoriously susceptible to large scale...

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    A risky business: what happens when transferring risk goes wrong?

    The title of this article might seem a little confusing so let's start by breaking things down. Once a risk analysis has been conducted and the risks facing a company have been identified, for example...

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