• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

    Data Security · Mobile

    Is Mobile Security Broken?

    The way we work has changed. No longer tied to our desks, our laptops, tablets and smartphones let us do our job from wherever we want – at the office, at home or even while on-the-move. We can also...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · VPN

    Vote of confidence for IT security made in Germany

    Where is your IT manufacturer based? What used to be a trivial matter of image has now become a security issue. Three years after Edward Snowden's revelations, CEOs understandably feel uncomfortable...

    Data Security · VPN

    Banking on VPNs

    Almost everyone in business has reason to be grateful for the existence of SWIFT. SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications system) is the international banking and funds...

    Cybersecurity Strategy

    European Cyber Security Month - A month dedicated to cyber security

    Most people claim to know how important IT security is. The reality is somewhat different. Demands on employees time are high, there are millions of distractions and somehow the backup at the end of...

    Encryption · Privacy

    Naked Privacy: the Legacy of Snowden

    “We the public are at one of the last points that we will have to make a difference in how normalised the culture of mass surveillance becomes.”

    Internet of Things

    IT security for Industrial Internet of Things

    Vulnerabilities in the vision of industrial digitalization and networking

    Internet of Things · Smart City · VPN

    Smart cities must respect privacy at heart

    “Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a Mediator, and this must be the heart.”  This famous line from Germany's 1927 masterpiece, Metropolis, continues to resonate today.

    Encryption · Endpoint Management · VPN

    Side-step the Internet censorship threat

    Most people in the Western world regard privacy as one of most fundamental rights in a democratic society. They also take it for granted that these democratic principles apply equally to the Internet....

    Data Security · Internet of Things

    With sensors everywhere, how can we keep data secure?

    The idea behind the Internet of Things (IoT) is that everyday objects can connect to each other and exchange data via the Internet. Even the smallest components, such as sensors for measuring...

    Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management · VPN

    VPNs can ease privacy concerns

    High profile data breaches at companies like Mossack Fonseca, Target, Home Depot and Wendy’s along with Government controversies like Edward Snowden and the FBI’s legal suit against Apple after the...

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