• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

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    Encryption · Privacy · VPN

    Does more surveillance offer more protection?

    The trend towards greater state surveillance has become even more obvious since Edward Snowden’s revelations. Governments frequently justify such invasions of their citizens’ privacy as...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Encryption · VPN

    Lack of encryption is putting customer data at risk

    Security investigators believe hackers behind the Yahoo data breach may have exploited a failure to use proper encryption.  If this proves true, then many more organizations may be putting customer...

    Data Security · Mobile · VPN · Wi-Fi

    Mobile Banking Apps: How Safe are They?

    Mobile banking apps are set to bring seismic changes to the banking industry.

    Internet of Things · VPN

    BSI drafts Internet of Things security recommendations

    At last, influential policymakers are slowly becoming aware of the damages unsecured IoT devices can cause. Recent attacks on high profile targets, exploiting cameras and routers, have attracted a lot...


    The dark side of remote maintenance

    Another first for 2016: at the weekend, another unprecedented event occurred which left significant numbers of Deutsche Telekom customers with difficulties accessing the internet or no internet access...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Encryption · VPN

    VPN and Bitcoin: A Cloak of Invisibility for Shoppers of Digital Goods

    Bitcoin, the digital currency underpinned by block chain technology, first entered circulation in 2009. Though users are only just beginning to scratch the surface of its full potential, Bitcoin is...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Internet of Things · VPN

    Making IIoT Security More Robust

    The Christmas season is upon us and retailers are excitedly stocking their shelves.  Once again, Internet-connected consumer gadgets, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, are expected to be among...

    Data Security

    IT security in the health sector

    More and more devices in doctor’s offices and hospitals are connected to networks. Diagnoses and therapies are now stored digitally at hospitals, laboratory reports are transmitted over the internet...

    Mobile · VPN

    Internet Security Programs for Students

    Guest blog post from Daniel Waterman

    Data Security · Mobile

    Is Mobile Security Broken?

    The way we work has changed. No longer tied to our desks, our laptops, tablets and smartphones let us do our job from wherever we want – at the office, at home or even while on-the-move. We can also...

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