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  • The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

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    Cybersecurity Strategy · Internet of Things

    Relevant security standards for Internet of Things

    Virtually every study exploring the benefits of Internet of Things includes some reservations on IT security. According to an analysis by Deutsche Telekom 90% of managers are concerned about security...

    Digital Signage · Encryption · Internet of Things · VPN

    Securing digital signage systems

    The average company network has many more devices connecting to it than even just a few years ago. In addition to traditional workstations there are now smartphones and tablets alongside a wide...

    Data Security · VPN

    More anonymity with Tor and VPN?

    Tor (The Onion Router) is one of the most important tools for anonymity on the Internet. The Tor network, protocol and client, make it extremely complicated to trace user activity. However, Tor users...

    Connected Cars-pexels-photo-60803
    Connected Cars · Encryption · Endpoint Management · Internet of Things

    Connected cars: fresh safety hazards on the road ahead

    Advances in connected car technology are set to radically alter the future of driving for everyone. Among the promised benefits is the ability for cars to ‘learn’ from each other, provide early...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · IT policy

    Realizing the potential of exploit toolkits

    Anti-virus companies have identified a new trend: Criminals are increasingly using open source software instead of developing or purchasing their own malware. Kaspersky Lab recently revealed several...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · IT policy

    Vulnerability scan for Industry 4.0 with LARS

    Not a day goes by without Industry 4.0 being touted as the future of the manufacturing industry. And it's true, the digitization of production environments is already gaining traction, in some sectors...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · VPN

    Trouble in store? Don’t forget VPN

    For a couple of years now security breaches in the retail sector have seldom been out of the headlines. Breaches at large retail chains like Target, Neiman Marcus and The Home Depot in 2014 were...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Encryption · Public Hotspot · VPN

    Threats at Public Hotspots

    Germany is reported to be increasingly left behind in terms of digitization in public spaces. The reason: There are just not enough hotspots available. A political decision has now been taken to...

    Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management · VPN

    Big data, big security questions

    Half of enterprises today store sensitive information within big data environments (up from 31 percent in 2015). Influential agencies like ENISA warn there are considerable cyber risks from using big...

    NCP WTP Sponsor
    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · VPN

    NCP sponsors Nürnberger Versicherungscup 2016

    NCP’s mission is to help businesses perform at the top of their game through strong and agile remote data communications access. With this in mind it is appropriate that NCP is sponsoring the Women’s...