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    The national economic protection strategy in Germany and real life

    When it comes to security, public authorities in any country also want to represent their interests, some more intensively than others. Germany is not lacking in initiatives and organizations that...

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    Internet of Things raises fresh security challenges for industry

    For many years industries like oil and gas, electricity, agriculture and utilities have relied on operational communications infrastructure outside the main corporate network to collect data and...

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    SSL: Still Secure When Configured Correctly

    The Secure Socket Layer (SSL ) protocol is under attack: in recent months, a succession of vulnerabilities and successful breaches have raised questions about the effectiveness of this ubiquitous...

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    Web of Spies

    Ever since Edward Snowden revealed the extent of state-sponsored espionage over the Internet in 2013 businesses have been acutely aware of just how vulnerable data communications are to being...

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    Cloud Security Pitfalls to Avoid

    Cloud computing technology is fast becoming an attractive alternative to maintaining IT systems and applications on premise. In-house management and maintenance of IT is costly and resource-hungry....

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    Staying Safe at Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, hotels, railway stations and airports have become a welcome resource for any business traveler, providing them with a convenient means to carry on working while on the...

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    Is Industry 4.0 Ready for the Ransomware Threat?

    Ransomware is the latest trend in criminal malware. It infects computers, encrypts data and demands a ransom payment in the form of bitcoins. The encryption is so strong that it has not yet been...

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    Flaws in Industrial IoT Underline Importance of Secure Connectivity

    According to the leading analyst firm Gartner Group over 50% of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the Internet of Things (IoT) by the year 2020. The potential...

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    Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service brings SIEM Within Reach of SMEs

    Organizations are being targeted by cybercriminals more than ever. According to the latest statistics from Symantec, 52.4% of phishing attacks in December 2015 were against small and medium-sized...

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    The World after Safe Harbor

    In October 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the Safe Harbor Agreement for transferring data to the USA invalid. The decision was based on a lawsuit filed by the Austrian, Maximilian...