Customer Survey Highlights Secure IoT Communications and Reliable Technical Support from NCP engineering

by VPNHaus | 08/22/2019

With the rise of IoT devices in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to build secure IoT structures. Secure networking is business-critical for enterprises, service providers, financial institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organizations that must safeguard confidential data. This is why companies across all industry sectors put their trust in NCP engineering.  NCP’s product line spans the spectrum of remote access, from IPsec/SSL virtual private networks (VPNs) to endpoint firewalls and network access control (NAC) functions.  

NCP recently surveyed customers who use the NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution for secure remote access. The survey found that both administrators and employees are highly satisfied with the award-winning VPN product as well as NCP’s customer support.  

Out of 100 companies interviewed, 70 provided information regarding their experience with the NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution and the development of the Internet of Things. Read their responses below:  

  • Administrators love the NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution because it's easy to administer and automate. Admins agree that the solution is especially ideal for remote workers and in home offices.
  • Employees enjoy using the NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution because it's user-friendly and easy to operate. They also like that advanced IT skills are not necessary to use it.
  • Customers reported that NCP’s security solutions are stable and work in every country around the world, even where other providers have difficulties.
  • Customers appreciate NCP engineering’s friendly and fast support team in Europe and the United States. The helpdesk staff was praised for their reliable work and high-availability.
  • Customers are pleased that NCP’s software can also be used in IoT environments. Many customers already rely on NCP for secure remote access with ATMs, checkout and payment systems, and card acceptance devices. NCP’s software is also used in production, machinery and maintenance work, vehicle tracking systems, and power plant monitoring.
  • The majority of companies are aware of the importance to build secure IoT structures and will plan for secure networking when production facilities are renewed.
  • International customers trust NCP’s cybersecurity solutions because they are recommended and approved by the Federal Office for Information Security. In fact, German federal authorities have been using NCP’s solutions to protect their confidential communications for many years.
  • Administrators, employees, and partners recommend NCP engineering for secure communications.

The NCP Secure Enterprise Management solution enables companies to securely and efficiently manage their remote access VPN network from a single point of administration, even as the organization grows and the number of users and/or endpoint devices increases. 

If your company is looking for a fully automated remote access VPN, look no further. Contact us today to learn more.