OVUM Report Highlights NCP’s Secure Remote Access Technology and Expansion into IoT and IIoT

by VPNHaus | 10/04/2017






We recently briefed Rik Turner, Principal Analyst of Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum Consulting, on our VPN client software (IPsec and SSL), VPN gateways, central management consoles and personal firewall product, Net Guard. Given our extensive experience in the manufacturing and process industries, we discussed the expansion of NCP technology into the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things.

As a result, Ovum published a report titled “On the Radar: NCP Targets IIoT and Connected Car with its VPNs,” which highlights our secure remote access technology. A snapshot of the report is below:

With the IoT looming into view as a new hyperconnected reality, secure communications between the endpoints and network cores in IoT environments is driving demand for technology such as that from NCP. Ovum expects to see the vendor expand its business in this area. NCP has extensive experience in secure remote access and supports a wide range of OSes, including some of the most common ones in IoT. It is also partner- and OEM-oriented, which makes it a compelling option for companies developing IoT products as well as enterprises deploying IoT networks.

The report also sheds a spotlight on NCP’s seamless roaming capability for VPNs, ideal for connected cars with moving endpoints and IP addresses. By enabling seamless roaming, the VPN gives priority to a Wi-Fi network wherever one is present, then goes to a mobile network as the default backup if no Wi-Fi is found.

NCP offers VPN clients for a wide range of operating systems, as well as the necessary gateways and a central management console for software deployment, configuration, and rights management. In addition to the VPN software, the VPN clients also come with a firewall, internet connectivity (3G, 4G, LAN, and WiFi), and an SSL certificate for authentication purposes.


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