Seamless Roaming or Always On: The Remote Access VPN Feature Digital Nomads May Be Missing

by VPNHaus | 07/30/2015 |Rethink Remote Access, VPN

In remote working environments, the Digital Nomad isn't tied to a desk or cubicle, but he has close relationships with his coworkers. The Digital Nomad works exclusively from mobile devices that connect wirelessly to the Internet, and she's still able to finish all her tasks on time.

For now, these workers are generally the exception to the rule, but that may not be the case for much longer. One-third of business leaders anticipate that by 2020, more than half of their full-time workforce will be working remotely.

It’s not difficult to see why remote work is so popular. Today, Digital Nomads can be more nomadic than ever, setting up new mobile "offices" wherever there's a network connection. They don't even need a hard surface to put their device on or an outlet to plug into.

But, what they do need for security purposes is a remote access VPN to enable a secure connection back to the corporate network. VPNs are reliable, but the problem is, network interruptions have long seemed inevitable. They get in the way and disrupt the user's computing session. That's when a VPN feature known as seamless roaming or always on comes into play, allowing a user to move between different networks without losing the connection.

The Value of Seamless Roaming

Whether you're a finance executive fighting dead zones as you work on your laptop from a train, or a sales professional working from an airport across a spotty Wi-Fi connection, each time there's a network disruption, the user has to manually restart the VPN connection to continue working.

This is why seamless roaming is no longer a luxury. Without it, employees either lose efficiency – because they have to manually set up a new connection whenever the network communication medium changes – or they are restricted in their movements.

That’s why NCP engineering's seamless roaming feature is critical. As the user changes locations and IP addresses, our Secure Enterprise VPN is able to roam access points within a company network and automatically choose the strongest access point available.

The VPN client automatically selects the optimal connection medium and dynamically redirects an existing VPN tunnel during a change, without the user having to do any additional work to maintain the VPN connection. This prevents session loss and allows applications to be "always on," running continuously, with uninterrupted, secure remote access.

As workplaces become increasingly agile, remote access technology needs to evolve the same way and minimize interruptions to productivity. With Wi-Fi and seamless roaming integrated into a company’s remote access solution, Digital Nomads can have the best of both worlds – they won’t have to choose between mobility and productivity.

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