How a Remote Access VPN Extends the Reach of Your IT Staff

by VPNHaus | 10/06/2015

What do the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Ashley Madison and Target have in common?

They may seem entirely unrelated on the surface, but each organization has been a target of a high-profile data breach within the last year. Each new cyberattack is more proof that the threat landscape has diversified, leaving no industry, system or organization immune to vulnerabilities. The landscape would suggest that, now more than ever, organizations need nimble network security systems, supported by a disciplined IT staff that can keep up with the shifting state of cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, while the threat landscape has clearly expanded in recent years, the IT security industry has yet to catch up and adapt to the quick rate of change. Across the board, there is a clear security skills shortage that has left IT professionals and their organizations without the necessary talent that they now require. In fact, 44 percent of organizations say that they have an inadequate number of networking and security staff with strong knowledge of both security and networking technology.

Looking beyond these numbers, the problem is not necessarily a lack of skills, but rather, many organizations do not have ample personnel to field growing IT requests and security needs within their companies.

To overcome this shortage, many organizations are seeking technologies that can augment their IT departments, without requiring extensive management by IT staff. Companies need easy-to-use solutions that largely run on their own and can be managed seamlessly – whether they are preventing a network hack or data breach, or merely enabling a company to function on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at one organization in the state of Washington that used a secure remote access VPN solution to help extend the reach and effectiveness of its small IT department.

The Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Tribal Gaming Agency (TGA) is responsible for the operation of two casinos in Washington – the Nooksack River Casino in Deming and the Nooksack Northwood Casino in Lynden. The two casinos share the same parent organization and exist as largely autonomous entities, although the Nooksack River Casino serves as the headquarters of the TGA, with the Nooksack Northwood Casino located approximately 20 miles to the North.

Twenty miles may seem relatively close, but this distance proved to be a significant barrier in the seamless operation of the TGA’s network. The two casinos relied on one IT professional tasked with the responsibility of manually transporting sensitive records and files between locations. Not only was this an issue of convenience, but also manual reporting left room for human error and created a time lag that risked misreporting to the TGA’s co-regulators – the National Indian Gaming Commission and the State of Washington.

These types of inherent complications that come with operating multiple locations, as well as a tendency for employees to work remotely, led the TGA to the NCP remote access VPN solution based on an endorsement from Juniper Networks. The TGA turned to NCP engineering to configure a system that was both intuitive for employees and secure.

By taking advantage of NCP’s full feature range, the TGA IT team enjoys easy remote access control, supported by a single, automatic sign-on process and multi-user support. What’s more, NCP’s universal client allowed the TGA to install a remote access VPN at a cost 10 times less than the original estimate that the TGA received from its previous IT vendor. With the NCP VPN, the TGA has extended the reach of its IT department and ended the days of manually transporting files, so that now, it no longer has to gamble with its security and employee productivity.

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In the case study, we cover:

  • How the TGA uses remote access VPN to facilitate remote workers

  • How NCP’s remote access VPN solution has reduced TGA IT staff time spent on administrative management tasks

  • How NCP customized its remote access VPN solution to fit the TGA’s operational and security needs

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