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by VPNHaus | 12/29/2015 |VPN

Imagine this: You’re sitting on the train, trying to get your work done, when your Wi-Fi connection – not always the most reliable on trains – drops out. Maybe you manage to re-connect in a few minutes. Maybe you switch to your data plan to get back online. Or, maybe when the train gets close enough to a station, you can switch to their hotspot, and save some data in the process.

Over the course of that trip, you had to cycle through different networks to maintain an internet connection, constantly losing any sessions you had running and forcing any apps you were using to restart. Not only that, but when end users have to switch that often between connections, it can make re-connecting to a VPN slow or frustrating, and they may opt to forgo the VPN altogether if those issues persist.

It’s an understandable concern of inconvenience – after all, frequent network disruptions can make working remotely virtually impossible. But indulging in that concern can also dredge up even more problematic security issues. Users shouldn’t have to choose between network convenience and VPN security.



What is the Real Value of Seamless Roaming?

How It Works

With NCP engineering’s Secure Enterprise Solution they don’t have to. The on-the-go demands of today’s mobile workers, who need reliable internet connections wherever they may be and also require the secure remote access provided by a VPN, make seamless roaming a prerequisite for how to stay both online and secure nowadays – and it’s a prerequisite built into NCP’s VPN solutions.

While users may shift from one connection or IP address to the next, depending on where they are and their available Wi-Fi coverage, the NCP Secure Enterprise VPN’s seamless roaming capability ensures that they always remain connected to their company’s network, automatically choosing and connecting to the strongest available access points when the need arises.

This feature helps to minimize those frustrating lost sessions, ensures that applications remain always on and connected, and demonstrate uninterrupted and secure remote access to your company network.

Mobile and remote employees need to be able to trust that wherever they are, and however they’re connecting to their company network, they don’t need to sacrifice security in the process. The NCP Secure Enterprise Solution allows those employees to reap the best of both worlds: secure remote access and reliable network connections.

Open Haus is a monthly series that explores the key features of NCP’s Remote Access VPN.

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