VPNs, Remote Working Technologies Impact Recruitment Strategies

by VPNHaus | 04/04/2013 |VPN

Earlier this week, we discussed a study conducted by Staples Advantage that showed many companies recognize the value of policies that support remote working. Whether on the road for a business trip or at home with their families, today’s workforce appears to be strongly in favor of such programs.

A positive corporate culture is important for an organization’s success, and a large number of respondents saw the value in remote work programs when it came to helping individuals maintain happy home lives and professional careers. With technologies like VPNs, no longer do those two have to be mutually exclusive.

Today, let’s look at the issue from a different, yet equally important angle. Lately, so much emphasis has been placed on the productivity of existing staffs. However, the implications remote working policies and technologies have on recruitment efforts in the upper echelons of the enterprise world have gone largely ignored.

If companies choose not to allow their employees to work remotely, they are hamstrung by geography. The pool of talent they have to choose from is limited to those who live within a certain distance of the corporate offices or are willing to relocate.

These days, it is not uncommon for highly sought-after individuals to expect flexibility from employers. This includes the location from which they work. Consequently, VPN clients that allow for convenient and secure remote access to corporate networks are helping companies everywhere bolster their ranks with valuable professionals.

When was the last time you took a close look at your recruitment practices and thought about how far your reach could be extended by taking advantage of remote access VPN technology? Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the world has become a much smaller place in the last decade. The competition is surely taking a global approach to obtaining top-level talent. Are you?

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