New Android IPsec VPN Clients boost corporate productivity of mobile workers

by VPNHaus | 03/12/2013 |VPN

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article showed that mobile workers within an organization can actually boost overall corporate productivity. However, retaining security and control of the network, while allowing employees to access it remotely using various mobile devices and operating systems (OS), can be difficult for IT managers and CIOs.

Recognizing this challenge, NCP engineering today released two versions of its centrally managed IPsec VPN client suite that support Google’s Android 4.0 and future OS updates. The Android editions of the NCP Secure Enterprise VPN Client don’t require IT to root the employees’ OS, but instead integrate seamlessly with workers’ existing technologies. Furthermore, they are compatible with all common VPN gateways. These benefits, in addition to secure access to all essential business applications, such as e-mail clients, help to maximize the productivity of remote employees.

To learn more about how the Android IPsec VPN Clients increase employee productivity, and for more details on the technical communications and security standards they support, check out the full press release here.

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