NCP engineering’s Remote Access VPN Management System Now Linux-Compatible

by VPNHaus | 05/21/2013 |Mobile, Rethink Remote Access, VPN

A recent Linux enterprise end-user survey found that more than 80 percent of respondents plan to increase the number of Linux servers in their organizations over the next five years. As such, it’s imperative that IT takes all the necessary precautions to ensure a company’s networking hardware and software supports Linux. Heeding this market demand, NCP engineering has announced the availability of its Linux-compatible Secure Enterprise Management System (SEM) 3.0.

The NCP SEM 3.0 is a fully automated VPN management software solution that was recently named a finalist in the American Business Awards. By centrally controlling enterprise VPN clients and SSL/IPsec VPN gateways, NCP’s technology substantially reduces the complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO) for network administrators. SEM 3.0 also supports the NCP Secure Enterprise Android Client, which allows IT administrators to seamlessly and safely integrate employees’ Android 4.0+ smartphones or tablets into their enterprises’ remote access VPN infrastructure. NCP simplifies the process of configuring VPN clients on Android devices, and helps administrators easily issue certificates, licenses and other security updates.

Enterprises utilizing SEM 3.0 for Linux can now enjoy the benefits of NCP’s advanced Two-Factor Authentication, too. This solution is enabled with a mobile phone or device that uses a One-Time Password that users receive via SMS. Each password provided by NCP is a created by a random number generated within the NCP Advanced Authentication Connector. To learn more about the NCP SEM 3.0’s new Linux compatibility, check out the full press release here. Happy SEM Linux users – we’d love to hear your feedback on the software!

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