NCP engineering Examines VPNs and Network Security with TMCnet

by VPNHaus | 06/13/2013

When it comes to network security, IT administrators often miss the forest for the trees. Far too often, they focus on specific silos rather than how each component connects holistically, as Rainer Enders, NCP’s CTO, Americas, mentioned to TMCnet at this year’s Interop Las Vegas.

For example, a VPN will keep your network safe from hackers snooping on communication between remote access points and corporate networks. However, what if the network itself was compromised before installing a VPN? Imagine if all of the various components could come together to stop that problem by easily communicating with each other to monitor the status of the whole network.

NCP has been working with the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), an organization dedicated to improving network security, to solve that problem over the last several years. IF-MAP is an open standard client/server protocol that is the result of our work in the TCG. Short for InterFace for Metadata Access Points, it provides a central database where IT systems can store and retrieve information to get a real-time representation of security across an entire network.

When all of the security components communicate, overall network security is greatly improved versus a more siloed approach. NCP is constantly working to make our VPN more interoperable, to provide a stronger security platform for customers with features such as IF-MAP compatibility and with additional ones like central management and Two-Factor Authentication.

To hear more of Rainer’s thoughts from Interop Las Vegas, please watch the video.