NCP Empowers Enterprise Mobility for Truesense Imaging

by VPNHaus | 04/23/2013

In a recent blog post, we discussed workforce trends identified by Forrester Research, which center on mobility as a tool being used with increasing frequency to bolster employee productivity. It seems that everywhere we look today, remote workers are becoming more prominent in the workforce, while traditional 9-to-5, face-to-face working environments are becoming few and far between. And considering the substantial research that shows workers can be more productive when working outside the office, more and more enterprise-level businesses will have to take a hard look at technologies that allow off-site workers to securely access company data and IT assets.

One company that has embraced enterprise mobility is Truesense Imaging, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of the world’s highest performance image sensor devices. Today, NCP announced its virtual private network (VPN) technology is enabling Truesense employees to securely connect to the corporate network and work from home or on the road, improving both workforce mobility and productivity.

When Truesense’s increasingly-mobile technical and sales teams demanded secure, remote access to their corporate network in order to work seamlessly while off-site, the company recognized how important this was, not only for productivity, but also workforce morale and future recruiting efforts.  In order to attract top-level talent, organizations need to show that they are willing to invest in technologies that help employees do their jobs to the best of their ability.

For these reasons, Truesense chose NCP’s enterprise IPsec VPN clients and fully automated VPN management system, which provide a secure tunnel from any Internet access point into the corporate network using their company-owned Windows XP, Windows 7 or Mac OS X laptops. Now, with NCP’s robust VPN technology, Truesense is guaranteeing its mobile employees the same access and functionality as colleagues sitting in their offices, without compromising security.

For more information about the Truesense use case, go here.

Additionally, NCP will be discussing this use case next month at Interop Las Vegas and we invite you to stop by our Interop Booth #951 for further details.