June Feature of the Month: Parameter Locks

by VPNHaus | 06/07/2013 |Endpoint Management, IT policy, Mobile, VPN

Let’s face it – the vast majority of employees utilizing a remote access solution do not have a comprehensive understanding of how exactly it works. From end users’ perspectives, when the product is operating efficiently, that’s all that really matters, and usually, no questions are asked. However, when security issues around connectivity arise, employees generally have two options: try to resolve the problem on their own or call their company’s help desk.

More often than not, these issues can be traced back to configuration settings that have been improperly set up. Unless employees have a solid IT background, it’s rather unlikely that they will be able to fix these settings on their own. What’s more, a failed attempt to properly configure a VPN, firewall or Internet connection can be expensive for the employee and organization alike. Yes, the company help desk is one option, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to avoid this cumbersome and costly process altogether? Fortunately, NCP engineering’s Parameter Locks can help accomplish this.

Creating and testing the corporate VPN, firewall and Internet connection configurations centrally allows IT administrators to lock in the correct configurations and distribute them to employees. The Parameter locks hinder subsequent manipulation, whether intentionally or through an accidental operation.This managed approach eliminates faulty configurations by non-technically inclined employees, increasing network security and avoiding costly configuration diagnoses and repairs.

To learn more about NCP engineering’s June Product of the Month, Parameter Locks, click here.

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