What's on Your VPN Wishlist?

by VPNHaus | 02/16/2012 |Industry Commentary, IPsec

The new survey conducted by 

Thirty-eight percent wished for an IPsec VPN client for Google Android-based devices and 24% wished for this for Apple’s iOS-based devices like the iPhone and iPad . Fourteen percent ranked seamless roaming, or the ability to sustain VPN connectivity while transitioning between different networks (e.g. 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, LANs), as their most desired new VPN functionality.

Other Key Findings

  • The survey further showed that interoperability with third-party IPsec VPN gateways (64%) and seamless integration with existing VPN infrastructure (58%) as essential when selecting remote access technology.

  • Ranking farther down the list, but still making a strong showing as valuable VPN functionality, was the quick implementation of individual end-user requirements (46%), followed by versatility to function in all remote access environments (31%).

So, what's on your VPN wishlist?

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