Some VPNs still face compatibility, connection issues

by VPNHaus | 03/20/2012 |64-Bit, IPsec, Rethink Remote Access, Troubleshoot

As more and more companies are enabling remote access for their workforce, stability and compatibility are becoming as crucial as security in ensuring employee productivity. This trend is highlighted by recent news that both Certona and 3marketeers have rolled out NCP engineering’s Secure Client-Juniper Edition IPsec VPN to solve, not only security, but also stability and compatibility problems they faced with previous VPN deployments.

NCP’s IPsec VPN client software has provided both companies with a more stable VPN connection and supported their migration to Windows 7 32-/64-bit PCs, while also seamlessly integrating with their existing VPN gateways from Juniper Networks.

Despite only deploying the solution a short while ago, Dan Ruyle, Director of Information at Certona called NCP’s solution his “go-to answer for our enterprise’s secure remote access concerns.” Willy Lam, director, application development, 3marketeers added that “Juniper’s recommendation of the NCP Secure Client – Juniper Edition proved to be spot on.”

The NCP Secure Client - Juniper Edition replaced Juniper’s own end-of-life Netscreen-Remote VPN. It includes data encryption, support of mobile connect cards, and one-time password token and certificate support through a public key infrastructure.

It seems the new trifecta for ensuring successful VPN deployments – security, stability and compatibility.

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