New Survey Reveals What is Driving VPN Purchases

by VPNHaus | 02/15/2012 |Industry Commentary, Mobile, Rethink Remote Access, Uncategorized

A new survey conducted by NCP engineering revealed that enterprise IT administrators and employee end-users overwhelmingly see fast connection setup (98%) and ease of use and intuitive handling (93%) as central requirements of remote access solutions. The findings also show that four out of five IT administrators place the highest premium on VPN functionality that ultimately reduces the burden on the helpdesk. The majority of respondents (89%) cited simple administration and management as critical to this. The survey polled about 490 users of NCP's VPN software solutions from across the world.

“The promise of remote access has long been to relieve—both enterprise IT administrators and end-users—from the headaches caused by slow connections and complicated technology,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, general manager, NCP engineering. “Our survey findings confirm that customer demand not only continues to largely be driven by these factors, but that their needs are even more complex with the emergence of new mobile devices and operating systems and the desire to use them securely and efficiently.”

What's important to you when purchasing remote access technology? Stay tuned tomorrow for more findings from NCP's survey.

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