NCP launches new enterprise VPN Server, gears up for Android client release

by VPNHaus | 07/10/2012 |Rethink Remote Access, VPN

Exciting news - today,  features several innovative enhancements. Compatible with Windows and Linux 32/64-bit operating systems, version 8.10 features:

  • Sandbox support: SSL VPN users can now create a safe sandbox to contain information, encrypting all downloaded data and ensuring that it, as well as traces on the end device, are eliminated after each session.

  • Single sign-on capabilities: Through authentication data, users will only need to log on to the VPN once.

  • Seamless roaming: When used in conjunction with the NCP Secure Enterprise Client, 8.10 enables users to automatically switch to the fastest connection available, seamlessly transferring between 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and LAN networks.

  • Boosted security protocols: Network administrators can now block unauthorized VPN clients through the Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG) IF-MAP protocol, which has been implemented as part of the ESUKOM project.

And stay tuned - the 8.10 launch precludes the imminent release of NCP’s Android client. After a successful test preview launch in the spring, NCP is gearing up to officially launch the Android client, which will be available for purchase in the Google play store. For more information on today's news, you can see the full release by clicking on this link.

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