BYOD Dominates Interop New York

by VPNHaus | 10/10/2012 |Mobile, Rethink Remote Access

Among manyIT stakeholders remains mitigating the security risks associated with BYOD. While organizations that attended the conference recognize that supporting mobile devices in the workplace is inevitable, many admit to lacking the proper infrastructure to secure their mobile users. In fact, a recent industry survey reveals that only 16% of IT shops currently have a BYOD policy in place, increasing organizations’ risk to exposure as a result.

Is the concern revealed at Interop justified? Yes, but it's certainly manageable. In fact, Rainer Enders, CTO, Americas for NCP engineering,has advocated for remote access solutions that allow businesses to manage the devices their employees are bringing in. Earlier this year, Rainer spoke with Ericka Chickowski, of Dark Reading, on this very topic. Here's an excerpt from her piece:

According to Enders, too few organizations factor risk into their cost considerations, making it one of the most costly hidden costs if proper precautions aren't taken.

"In my mind, the biggest hidden cost lies in the worst case scenario--when bigger issues arise like a lawsuit or a major security breach," he says. "It really comes down to the standard security question about what are the assets. What do I need to protect from a company point of view. My legal situation--how is my IP sufficiently protected. I think that is where the main costs are: This is something that is often overlooked. Companies don't really do a good job at assessing this kind of risk."

As such, Enders suggests that organizations start implementing risk assessment formulas into their dollars and cents estimates for mobile costs in a BYOD model. There are other tangible costs that are often overlooked as well, many of which have to do with managing a more diverse infrastructure and enforcing security and privacy policies that will eventually reduce risks.

To read Erica's full piece, see here: BYOD: How to Calculate Hidden Security Costs.

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