What Annoys You About Remote Access? Part 2

by VPNHaus | 03/29/2011

As part of an ongoing series, VPN Haus is asking average users about their frustrations with remote access. Most people we speak to attest that remote access has offered remarkable flexibility that simply wasn’t possible before. But as remote access has become more ubiquitous, so has confusion and annoyance.

“You can use SSL which is much simpler to manage and more bandwidth friendly. It is also easier on the end user. They don't need to remember to connect the VPN first,” says Justin Fox an IT administrator for a small business.

We completely sympathize with Fox’s vexation – but SSL isn’t necessarily a catch-all. SSL is fine for intermittent remote access, but for those who need to connect remotely regularly, SSL is, well, hopelessly underwhelming. So, what’s this newer, faster, better alternative to SSL? IPsec VPN. Yes, you read that right. There’s a new crop of VPN options that are redefining the very idea of “ease of use.”

Case in point, Die Mobiliar*, the oldest private Swiss insurance company, recently updated its VPN solution. Understandably, the company was worried about usability for its end-users – but ultimately, it found a remote access technology with a simple, graphical user interface for end-users and a one-click central management for the IT department. Who says you can’t please everyone?

Readers, what are your thoughts on the new generation of VPN solutions?

*Full disclosure, Die Mobiliar is an NCP customer.