RSA 2011 Update: First Full Day Brings Big Crowds, Big Issues

RSA 2011

by VPNHaus | 02/16/2011 |Live blogging

The first full day of RSA 2011 kicked off yesterday with big crowds. The halls were consistently bustling, the floor traffic was heavy, and the lines for coffee stretched for what seemed like an eternity. Scott Charney, Microsoft corporate vice president for Trustworthy Computing, delivered yesterday’s keynote, advocating a collaborative approach to Internet security, similar to the used to fight global epidemics.

Other trends?

  • Cloud security was hot. Some of the folks on the floor we spoke to, said that this year’s RSA attendees are looking at the cloud more practically. Rather than jumping on the hype cycle, people want practical information about the cloud and its security risks.

  • Mobile security is top-of-mind, but mostly because attendees want to be sure to stay ahead of the game. Right now, mobile threats are somewhat limited but attendees are bracing for a future in which this won’t be the case.

  • Mac and Linux users beware. We spoke to several people who predicted that 2011 would be the year when Mac users would have to get serious about security and Mac vulnerabilities would emerge more prominently.

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