RSA 2011: Conference Recap

by VPNHaus | 02/23/2011 |Live blogging, Mobile

The RSA Conference 2011 came to end last week with a keynote from former President Bill Clinton, in which the former president talked about the risks involved information security, in light of WikiLeaks and the Stuxnet virus. The event was closed to media, causing a stir in its own right.

Keynote politics aside, this year’s show boasted a strong attendance and covered some of the most compelling and relevant security issues of the day.

  • Cloud Security was a major topic, with attendees hungry for guidance on how to navigate cloud security, especially how to foster identify visibility and compliance in the cloud.

  • Among the solutions proposed during a panel on cyber war was a stronger partnership between the government and the private sector.

  • Mobile remains an elusive topic – people want to talk about it, but don’t quite know what to say yet.

What are your thoughts on RSA? Did anything from this year’s show excite, stun, disappoint?