Interop 2011: Q&A with Verizon's Managed Mobility Principal, Cliff Cibelli


by VPNHaus | 05/11/2011 |Live blogging

We're here in Las Vegas, taking in the spectacle of Interop's 25th anniversary show. With more than 350 exhibitors and roughly 14,000 attendees -- this year's show is a dizzying array of product announcements, demos, and industry chatter. We had the opportunity to have a poolside chat with Cliff Cibelli, Managed Mobility Principal, at Verizon about the role that VPNs are playing in Verizon's initiative. At the show, Verizon also announced an expanded agreement with SAP to jointly market Verizon's Managed Mobility Platform.

VPN Haus: What role has “Bring Your Own Device” policies and the overall trend of personal devices becoming corporate-liable played in Verizon’s Managed Mobility Initiative?

Cibelli: If you take a look at almost any enterprise - or any CIO that I’ve spoken to -- they all want to take a look at a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, because it doesn’t make sense for them to pay $70/month to a carry a device - especially because [em

VPN Haus: How are you approaching VPN for this?

Cibelli: So we take this from an enterprise perspective and look at the technologies that they want to adopt. Then, we look into how we can configure that client based on the enterprise’s wish and put it on the device.

VPN Haus: What trends are you seeing in VPN technology?

Cibelli: Over time, we’re seeing the trends in VPN technology becoming more prevalent on these devices, especially because most of these devices have both 3G and the coming 4G capabilities, as well as Wi-Fi capabilities. This means looking into tools that

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