Conversation with Branden Williams on PCI and the Cloud, Part 3


by VPNHaus | 03/15/2011 |Expert Q&A

VPN Haus continues its conversation with Branden Williams, a seasoned information security specialist. Today we go beyond the cloud and get Branden’s thoughts on other gaps in PCI 2.0, as well as other network security trends.

VPN Haus: Other than cloud, what do you think was missing from PCI DSS 2.0? What are the most/least useful updates?

Branden Williams: I believe there are still a few things that need to be addressed in PCI DSS. This version introduced language around Virtualization, but completely missed the cloud discussion which as you noted above is more important to fix right now.

VPN Haus: Is there anything else related to network security that you’d like to mention?

Williams: Big trends for the next few years until the next revision of PCI DSS include things like a push to cloud/utility computing and cloud-based services, a push to mobile computing where the device is not important (and potentially not even owned by

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