What We're Reading, Week of 5/24

by VPNHaus | 05/27/2010 |Highlights

NAC: What Went Wrong
IDG reporter Joel Snyder and his colleagues spent four months in the lab testing the 12 leading network access control (NAC) products, and identified six barriers that have impeded the deployment of NAC within enterprise networks.  They also came to conclusion that “There's no such thing as ‘best of breed’ in NAC, because for the 12 vendors evaluated, there are nearly 12 different ‘breeds’ of NAC product”.

The AShimmy Blog…
How Cisco’s Infighting Put Customers Last and Almost Killed the NAC Market
Blogger Alan Shimmy offers his perspective on how Cisco was the worst / best thing that ever happened to NAC, and shares his opinions of Joel Snyder’s article, “Cisco's NAC Goes Off Track, Customers Taken Aback”.  Continuing on Cisco’s NAC customer beat and the fact that the company tried to kill off NAC, Alan believes the customers are the ‘biggest losers’ because they are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of NAC equipment.

Forward Thinking with Michael Miller…
Using the iPad As a Work Machine
Michael Miller of PCMag.com tests out the iPad for business applications, and shares both his likes and the limitations he found.  One point that particularly stuck out to us is the need for a VPN client—as he points out, Michael would rather use a notebook and be secure.

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