What We’re Reading, Week of 5/10

by VPNHaus | 05/14/2010 |Highlights

For IT, enterprise wireless to get more gnarly in next decade
Reporter, Matt Hamblen discusses the major increase of wireless technologies being used within enterprises and how it will impact companies. He poses some important questions to consider: Are IT shops integrating wireless into their technology processes and systems? Will there be a need to create new position, chief mobility officer? If this momentum continues, we think so. There needs to be a central point of management for all of the employees and devices.

Network Administrators Say 'Securing Remote Access' Is Their Top Priority
Staff at SecurityWeek report on a recent survey completed by more than 350 network administrators entitled “What Keeps Network Administrators Up At Night”, and 52% identify securing remote access as the number one concern. Remote access remains a major concern, especially as more employees telecommute and the variety of mobile devices expands and increases.

The Register…
Working remotely: What are the solutions?
Freeform Dynamics analyst, Andrew Buss shares with us a variety of solutions for working remotely—on his remote access list are VPNs. He goes on to say that VPNs are one of the oldest network security tools used; however, many companies still do not implement them—rather shocking. Buss believes that VPNs are not as widespread because they have the reputation of being complex, which isn’t the case anyone with universal solutions, such as NCP.

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