What We’re Reading, Week of 4/19

by VPNHaus | 04/23/2010 |Highlights

PwC report shows bleak security landscape
Nearly two-thirds of businesses have seen attempts to break into their networks in the past year, reports Infosecurity on the latest security survey from Pricewaterhouse Coopers. The survey points to cloud computing and social networks within enterprises as the primary culprits. The report drives home the importance of secure network access as connectivity standards loosen.  In fact, a PWC security partners points out, “only 17% of those with highly confidential data at external providers ensure that it is encrypted.”

Providers May Be Overconfident in Data Security, Report Finds
A new study finds that healthcare organizations might not be securing electronic health data as well as they think. The HIMSS Analytics report found that organizations ranked themselves high for compliance, yet 19% reported a data breach in the last year. Even more surprising, the report shows that majority of these incidents came not from hackers but from carelessness, like losing mobile devices that can access the network. The piece emphasizes training and awareness as ways to safeguard against such threats.

The Boston Globe...
Seize control — remotely, that is, of a home or office PC
The Boston Globe’s Hiawatha Bray reviews LogMeIn’s capabilities for remote access on an iPad. The review considers features like convenience, control options, and price points in using the application on the iPhone and iPad.

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