What We're Reading, Week of 1/4

by VPNHaus | 01/07/2010 |Highlights

Branden William’s Security Convergence Blog…
Wireless on a Plane
In this post, Branden Williams offers some tips for using Wi-Fi while traveling on planes. He says that depending on how your laptop is configured, it may not have an active software-based firewall unless it is connected to a VPN concentrator.  If your flight does not offer Wi-Fi internet services and the laptop is configured like this, it’s almost guaranteed that attacks will have easy access into the machine. Branden suggests the safest way to enjoy these networks is to be sure that your laptop is patched against known vulnerabilities, has a firewall protecting it from outside traffic, and can tunnel all traffic to a remote VPN concentrator.

The Forrester Blog for Information and Knowledge Management Professionals…
Consumer Broadband Is The Workforce Technology Of The Decade
Ted Schadler discusses Forrester’s survey of over 50,000 consumers every year for the last 12 years. It shows that between 2000 and 2009, consumer broadband soared from 2% to 63% in US households. Consumer broadband is the workforce technology of the decade because telecommuting has become a way of life for millions of information workers. Because of this, companies should be ready to deal with the network access issues that home workers will face.  He says the best practice is to treat every employee as if they are coming in over the Internet. With such a large amount of employees telecommuting, we we recommend companies use a secure VPN so that their employees can have a safe and easy way to connect to the network.

PCI DSS Compliance Blog…
MasterCard PCI Compliance
This blog post describes PCI compliance as an ongoing, adaptive, process rather than a simple checklist. This proves to be true since MasterCard has recently made changes to its PCI DSS requirements. These changes include adjusting the December 31, 2010 deadline for Level 2 merchants to have an onsite QSA assessment to six months later, June 30, 2011. MasterCard PCI compliance will also require that third-party payment applications be validated, by July 12, 2012, as fully compliant with the Payment Application Data Security Standards. Make sure to check out all of the changes MasterCard has made.

The Windows Blog…
Troubleshooting Remote Access
In this post, Sean Daniel, Program Manager for Windows Home Server, provides information on potential issues that you may experience when setting up your Remote Access, and how to solve the problem. Some of the issues he addresses are: Your ISP does not give you a public IP address to your home, You have multiple routers in your home, UPnP is disabled, or does not conform to UPnP standards and Your Domain Name is not setup. If you have experienced problems with any of these topics, he provides helpful tips on how to resolve them.

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