What We're Reading, Week of 1/11

by VPNHaus | 01/14/2010 |Highlights

Low Hanging Fruit: Network Security
In this post, Mike Rothman offers some tactics that anyone can use to ensure their existing equipment is optimized. He will be highlighting network and endpoint security, as well as security management in his next post. He starts with the network and offers these suggestions: prune your firewall, consolidate and segregate where possible, hack yourself, revisit change control and filter outbound traffic.  Be sure to check out Mike’s next round of tips.

Computer Business Review…
Businesses Ignoring Remote Worker Threat
This article by Steve Evans discusses new research from Check Point that found just 27% of businesses are using encryption to protect their data, despite the number of remote workers increasing. It also showed that 40% of businesses now have more remote workers connecting to the corporate network from home or when traveling than they did during 2008. 49 percent of the companies surveyed have a VPN client in place. We hope that those companies who are not currently connecting to their networks with a secure VPN will start using one.

How to Strategically Secure IT Remote Support
This contributed article by Nathan McNeill says that without a strategic vision for remote control security, organizations will continue to fall prey to hackers taking advantage of IT support departments' use of remote access tools. He outlines 5 ways to maintain security and corporate governance policies while relying on remote access technology to support off-site computing devices. He recommends developing a remote control strategy, deploying an on-site solution and reviewing third-party validations, ensuring audit-ability and to tier access privileges.

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