Conversation with Martin Hack on Security and mHealth

Martin Hack

by VPNHaus | 10/18/2010 |Expert Q&A

As the Mobile Health Expo 2010 gets underway this week, we caught up with Martin Hack executive vice president of NCP engineering on his upcoming panel session, Privacy and Security: How American Hospice Incorporated Mobile Devices into Its Day-to-Day Operations. Here's what Martin had to share with us regarding the Expo.

VPN Haus: During your session on Tuesday, you and Fred Cruz will talk about vendor lock and the challenges it presents to healthcare organizations. Can you give our readers a sneak preview here and tell us the main challenges around vendor lock and how he

Martin Hack: It’s primarily a question of standards and whether it is feasible to use standards based solutions. Luckily, in our networking world, standards have been well defined and have been around for ages. So one thing a customer can do, to avoid too

VPN Haus: Do you think security has taken a backseat to convenience with re: to mhealth?

Hack: Historically security has taken a backseat with pretty much everything that requires some thought. However I also notice that especially the healthcare industry is now taking a more proactive stance with regards to securing sensitive information. Wh

VPN Haus: What is IPsec’s role in mhealth? Do you see it eclipsing SSL in this sector?

Hack: Contrary to most pundits IPsec is going to be here for the long term. We are going to see an equal amount of use out of both IPsec and SSL.

Sometimes you need a flat-head screwdriver and sometimes you need a Philips screwdriver. Different job different tool. Both protocols address a fundamentally different use case.

VPN Haus: Why should folks attending the Mobile Health Expo come to your session?

Hack: They are going to learn how easy and straightforward it can be to switch from paper based health care to mobile/near real time processing. That alone is a quantum shift as far technology is concerned. But the intrinsic value that attendees will lear

Attend Martin's panel session at Mobile Health Expo in room 23 on Tuesday, October 19 at 2:00 PM at the Caesars Palace Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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