Conversation with Dr. Ruchi Dass on mHealth, Part 1

VPN Haus: What are the major trends you’re noticing in healthcare mobility?<br>

Dr. Ruchi Dass: In a country like India where the doctor to patient ratio is 1:900, doctors are a few and work is 24/7. Patients demand low costs, and timely and quality healthcare coverage. For healthcare enterprises, patient data is critical to collect

  • Standard mobile enterprise services used by health-care workers, such as remote access to e-mail and health-information systems;

  • Mobile applications to meet a specific need of medical workers, such as mobile prescriptions and remote diagnoses;

  • Applications that play a direct role in the provision of care, such as mobile data collection and wireless transmission of health data; and

  • Consumer-targeted applications to encourage health and help prevent illness.

VPN Haus: What are the security concerns around these trends?

Dass:  Security of patient data is important. Even if you comply with HIPAA, it doesn’t have that depth and breadth of protection, which is required as health care is comprised of exceedingly complex information environments that demand comprehensive pati

1. To Authenticate & authorize from the wireless to the wired network
2. Secure data share in transit
3. Integrity & good resolution in the information that is requested and visualized by the users/doctors.

Stay tuned, next week we’ll continue our conversation with Dass, discussing the most overrated and underrated mobile health security risks.

Oct 7 - Oct 14

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