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by VPNHaus | 04/30/2009 |Highlights

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With the Swine Flu outbreak spreading companies may have to send employees home, and have them work remotely. If these companies do not have a telework plan in place, employees will not be able to work as normal causing much trouble for these companies. Here are three articles which discuss companies’ plans for such a pandemic.

Zero Day | ZDNet
Reviewing your pandemic plans has just become job #1
Larry Dignan, guest contributor, states that many companies are implementing plans which allows staff to continue working if business offices are forced to shut down. Larry makes the recommendation of checking VPN services—make sure there are enough licenses for all users.

Network World
Swine flu scare shines spotlight on telework
Denise Dubie interviews Chuck Wilsker, president and CEO of the Telework Coalition in Washington, D.C.. In this podcast Chuck explains that businesses shouldn't wait for an epidemic or even other emergency to establish a telework program.

Forrester Research | ZD Net
Swine flu? What it means for IT professionals
Stephanie Balaouras, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, explains that companies need to realize current conditions and take measures to protect and continue operations. Employees ought to have access to their applications, data, and communication to remain productive. In survey conducted—what is or will be your workforce continuity / workforce recovery strategy? – 86% answered remote access technologies (i.e. VPN solutions).

Network Access Control: Still Hard to Deploy, Users Say
NAC has continued to be on the security scenes for nearly five years now, and no significant solution has been developed. Neal Weinberg discusses the issues and challenges NAC continues to face.

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