What We're Reading, Week of 11/16

by VPNHaus | 11/19/2009 |Highlights

Secure Your Remote Users in 2010
This article by Eric Ogren lists a few technologies that security teams should be looking to in 2010 to help lessen the heightened risk of business disruption and data loss from a larger workforce of remote and mobile users. One technology he suggests investing in is remote user virtual workspaces to protect browsers and VPN agents from malware on home computers and less secure public networkers.

Using Public Wi-Fi? Hop Into a Free VPN Tunnel First
In this post, Sebastian Rupley discusses using a VPN application to provide a secure, encrypted tunnel when using public Wi-Fi. Although a free VPN may protect you from other users in the hotspot, there are a number of advantages to using a VPN client. Using NCP’s secure entry client provides users with an integrated dialer, personal firewall and 32/64-bit VPN connection, and the ease of a ‘one-click and forget it’ experience.

The Forrester Blog | Infrastructure & Operations Professionals…
Why Mobility Will — And Does NOW — Matter To EAs And IT
In this post Chris Silva discusses recent Forrester research listing the mobile enterprise as one of the top 15 technology trends that EA’s should look out for. As companies begin to rethink remote access, they should consider how mobility will enhance productivity, user satisfaction and business efficiency. Chris tells us next time we are logging into our VPN from the local coffee house to ‘take note of the experience; is this the way your entire organization should be served in the event of a disaster?’

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