by VPNHaus | 10/08/2009 |Highlights

WiFi Planet…
Wi-Fi Planet Guide to Hotspot Safety, 2009
Security Guru and blogger, Michael Horowitz offers advice on how to remain secure when accessing the Internet from public WiFi hotspots and networks. Michael believes that VPNs are the best way to encrypt data and protect your network. Thought this article was a great one to highlight because we just blogged about it this week.

I Brought My Own PC…
My Recent Presentation On Making BYOPC A Reality
Friend of NCP, Natalie Lambert recently presented at Forrester’s Security Forum on how companies can make BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) a reality. In her post, Natalie shares with us her talking points from the presentation and describes the necessary components to make BYOPC work. One of her tips includes using a VPN—see number 3—enterprises have to assume each user is unsafe and take the necessary precautions to make sure everyone is compliant before accessing the network. To read more on this issue check out Processor’s article.

On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re Not In The USA
Nik Cubrilovic explores the issue of users accessing web services that are geographically restricted. A web application can only guess at the location of a visitor based on an IP address and information such as browser language and regional settings. Many people are skilled enough to know how to use proxy servers and VPN services to pose as being from another country. These applications are easy to install and allow you to choose which country you want to be surfing from. Are users right in doing this to access content even though many businesses depend on geographic targeting?