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Around the blogosphere…
With the release of Windows 7 today, there has been quite a bit of discussion about the new version and its features. We have captured some articles and posts that have shared some insight into what Windows 7 will bring.
Why Cisco Isn’t Doing What is Right for the Client
In this post, Ed Horley suggests that Cisco is not doing what is right for their customers by only offering a 32-bit VPN client. Many people have upgraded to Windows 7 and 64-bit and he is frustrated that there is no Cisco supported 64-bit IPSec client for Windows Vista or 7.

To 64-bit or Not 64-Bit?
Steve Kleynhans discusses that with the launch of Windows 7, corporate customers need to start thinking about 64-bit. If it is not the right time to make the move, they should start preparing for the inevitable 64-bit shift. He suggests that at the very least everyone should include one 64-bit environment in their testing matrix. Steve has been using 64-bit and although he hit a showstopper with his corporate VPN, he resolved the issue and has been successfully running a beta VPN client for several months. If you haven’t already, do you think you will make the transition to 64-bit?

Cnet News
Windows 7 Debuts in New York
In this Live Blog, Ina Fred is updating us with what is happening in New York as CEO Steve Ballmer introduces Microsoft's newest operating system at a special event. Balmer and Brad Brooks, Windows’ VP of Marketing are showing the crowd Window’s 7 coolest features.

The Windows Blog
What People Are Saying About Windows 7
Blogger, Brandon LeBlanc shares with us a social media “hub” for Windows 7 on  This hub is designed to highlight what consumers are saying about Windows 7, by pulling content from all over the web (via tweets, blog posts, etc.) and bringing it all to one spot.  It’s a great (and convenient) tool to see different opinions on W7.