What we're reading, week of 6/23

by VPNHaus | 06/23/2008

From JJ’s Security Uncorked…

Network Based Entitlement... A Rose by Any Other Name

JJ reviews Rohati’s recently-announced “Network-based Entitlement Control,” drawing the conclusion that Rohati’s approach to NAC is no different than what can already be accomplished by traditional hardware solutions available.


From Emergent Chaos…

Not quite clear on the subject

This blogger corrects a news story about SSL encryption on the Pirate Bay (a large BitTorrent tracker based in Sweden), explaining that encryption will have no impact on the protection of people using the site: “SSL is a great technology for protecting content. You don't care that the attacker knows you bought something, you want to protect your credit card number. It's not very good at protecting the mere act of communication.”


From Andy, IT Guy…

The nick of NAC gave me a paddy whack

Andy writes about the problems his organization has had deploying their NAC solution from a testing environment into a live one. His anecdote highlights that no product, no matter how easily implemented, can overcome the “people problems” existent in so many IT departments.