What we're reading, week of 6/2

by VPNHaus | 06/02/2008

From Zero in a Bit (by VeraCode)…

Trip Report: PH-Neutral

Chris Eng writes about his experience at the PH-Neutral conference in Berlin, and what he perceives as the differences between the security industry in Europe versus the U.S. as evidenced by the difference in their industry conferences. An interesting perspective, given NCP’s roots in Germany.


From 1 Raindrop…

Software and Security Separateness - You're Doing It Wrong

Gunnar Peterson discusses the disciplinary divide between software and security, and how this has handicapped both fields: “More deeply, so much (all?) of infosec is focused on separation and isolation, it’s this misguided assumption that has led infosec to a sorry record of non-innovation.” Is this reputation for non-innovation deserved? And is the separateness between security and software development really to blame?


From Security Retentive…

Notes from IEEE Web 2.0 Security and Privacy Workshop (W2SP2008 )

Andy Steingruebl outlines the important areas of Web 2.0 security based on sessions from the IEEE conference.