What we're reading, week of 6/16

by VPNHaus | 06/16/2008

From Rational Survivability…

Verizon Business 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report

Christofer Hoff summarizes and comments on the results of a report culled from over four years and 500 forensic investigations performed by the Verizon Business RISK team. Interesting bits: 73% of breaches resulted from external sources, 83%  of attacks were not highly difficult, 85%  of breaches were the result of opportunistic attacks, and 87%  were considered avoidable through reasonable controls. For more stats and discussion, see the post via link above.


From Information Security For Your Macintosh…

iPhone security tidbits

Among the tips listed for iPhone security: “[Use] the iPhone’s built-in VPN support where possible.” Perhaps a good place for comment about the iPhone’s known VPN vulnerabilities? Meanwhile, Michael Tsai’s blog quotes what Rich Mogull considers the most notable weakness of the iPhone’s VPN.


From BlogInfoSec.com…

Assessing your Organization’s Network Perimeter (pt. 1)

Frank Cassano outlines a thorough processing for assessing an organization’s network perimeter. He advises to begin with reaching a common definition to the term “network perimeter,” obvious as that may sound. Part 2 of Frank’s process is here.